Posted by: lilyhamburger | October 13, 2009

I am blogging – wow!

So here I am. 5 Days until I leave for Gujarat. Until the end of November I will be at orientation in Ahmedabad at the ashram where Gandhi was born. Then I will be moving to Dharampur, where I will be volunteering at and NGO called ARCH Vahini for 9 months working on health education materials for mothers and children in remote areas of Gujarat.,+Gujarat,+India&sll=21.790107,72.905273&sspn=4.660773,7.064209&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Dharampur,+Valsad,+Gujarat,+India&ll=20.534821,73.17115&spn=9.394064,14.128418&z=6



  1. do you get flight of the concords in gujurat?

    • omg i looooove bollywood. it is the number one reason we have to be here together.

  2. I miss you already! !!!!

    • Miss you mama cass! Hold down the silver spring fort! xoxo

  3. A Gandhi quote I love: “My life is my message.” And your life is, and will be, your message. What a message! Blessings to you, Lily.

  4. Lily….!!!!!

    Guess who’s missing you?
    I am thinking of you. It is great that you have emailed your blog. I will read it from now on and will be in touch with you. Oh… I am in Thailand now. I will be here until Jan 17, 2010. much, much love from me!!

    • Hta Hta! We are both in south asia – kind of neighbors 🙂 I miss you and I hope you are well…what are you doing in Thailand??

  5. ET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called you on Sunday but you were probably either mid-flight or way to busy getting ready to answer the phone. I am sooooooooooo excited to hear about all the great and amazing things you will be doing over the next 10 months! And when you get settled in, you can bet that I will be paying you a visit. Have an amazing time and keep us updated! xoxoxxox jfo

    • jen!!! thanks for trying to get in touch before i left – that was a crazy week to say the least. india is the shit. you have to come. hope youre well. hi to hen.
      xoxoxo namaste 🙂

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