Posted by: lilyhamburger | November 2, 2009


i am excited to post pictures up here, but its a slow process at my current internet situation… here are a few, but i really can’t wait to share more colorful things such as the fruit market, and all the CRAZY indian clothes i am now robed in daily. on saturday night sunita dressed us all in saris and we went out to eat. i was in a BRIGHT yellow silk thing – not a sari like the other women. think aladdin balloon pants with t-shirt that goes down below my knees on top. lots of sparkles and beads. yeah. i’ll get those up asap. start with these:


the ladies' room


bucket shower


Gandhiji's library where we hold orientation sessions and Hindi classes


around town in Ahmedabad


this is how we take our meals - no silverware!! yummyyyyy 🙂


the entrance to our classroom at the ashram. no shoes inside - anywhere. even the internet cafe.

where gandhi sat, spun, and received visitors at the ashram where i stay - kochrab ashram


this is where our meals and water are served. also entrance to a few bedrooms.


david, holding a sign he waved at the airport for us

an orientation activity outside at the ashram



  1. Oy, Lil, you should have woken up with the bat in Maine – it would have prepared you for rat duty.

    Your loyal blog follower and loving auntie,

    • miss you jenny!! xoxoxo come wear fun bright colored pijamas with meeee

  2. awesome! great pictures, can’t wait for ones of you in saris. keep writing, it’s fun reading!

  3. love the bathrooms!!!!!

    everything looks so great. good thing you aren’t left handed that would have been a challenge.


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