Posted by: lilyhamburger | November 13, 2009

we made the news :)

this was on the front page of the Times of India yesterday! the quote from me is entirely made up. but i do like green chillies 🙂


  1. “Lily Hamburger from Washington likes to bite into green chillies”

    Oh man, that’s amazing. Can you get the physical copy of that and clip it for me?!

  2. Thinking of you in the land of Ghandi and banana silk and utensil-less meals makes me enormously happy and takes me back to a walk on a cold Vermont day, where we spotted that salamander/lizard and first discussed the importance of adventures. You continue to be an inspiration, and I’m sending a lot of love from California.
    🙂 Guz

  3. they fabricated that quote? what bad journalism!

  4. Your quote is made up?! Are you saying that we shouldn’t trust the media? Don’t tell your dad!!

    I actually found the article before reading your blog — when I did a google search of your name to show a student in my office the kind of interesting things one can do in the world.

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