Posted by: lilyhamburger | January 21, 2010

henna pics as requested

henna is called mehndi here. its usually put on for weddings – all the women in the family put it on – but the girls at the school next door love to do it for fun – lucky me!! these photos are from my channukah/christmas celebration with some german folks that lived next door for my first few months here but left before the new year.

today there was a big camp at ARCH where specialists from america (eye, dental, pediatrics, oncology, etc.) treated hundreds of patients….but they were all indian americans. i remain the only white girl for hundreds of kilometers, but as time goes by it all feels less and less foriegn…!



  1. Lily your mehndi is beautiful! Just wait the more you get henna’d up I’m sure you’ll start seeming much less well white πŸ™‚ I remember when some Sudanese women in Cairo did the dark black colored henna on my arms at a dinner party and the next day at school all the little Sudanese kids told me authoritatively that I was indeed a Sudani now! Okay Moroccan-American in Egypt being told she is Sudanese πŸ™‚

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