Posted by: lilyhamburger | July 27, 2010

And…it’s still raining

I have a few excuses in mind for why I haven’t written a blog in over a month. First, the internet was down for while. Second, I have been extremely busy wrapping up all my projects at ARCH, so blogging took a bit of a backseat. But third, and probably most influential, is that I am too enthralled in living life to write about it.
The final DVD of my primary health presentations is burning as I write. The past few days I have barely looked up from the computer during work hours because I feel the race against time coming close. I am almost finished with the ARCH website – check it out at! I’ve done their annual brochure, and probably varied the 20 or so key messages about preventing primary diseases into over 1,000 slides, posters, videos, etc. Phew!
Summary of life: RAIN. Dharampur has been transformed by the monsoon – everything is bursting with electric greenery and the river adjacent to campus is rushing with muddy, tea-colored water. The roads are impassable, my laundry never dries, and people are taking vacations from work to plant rice. Just about everything has a different feeling to it, but one thing does not change with the seasons here – peacocks. They still squawk day and night. The other amazing thing is that I have a cold. After enduring the most severe heat I’ve probably ever endured over a long period, I finally feel cool on a daily basis. (Sorry, DC, I hear we’ve switched places. I dare you to go a day without AC and see how that feels…)
A highlight of the last few weeks was certainly a visit from 2 AJWS friends, Andrew and Gabe, and our adventure together to the Union Territory of Daman. Now, if you haven’t been following closely, you might not realize that Gujarat is a dry state. Well Daman, a 1-hour-turned-into-3-by-unreliable-transportation-services trip from Dharampur, is not. Chicken and beer. Enough said. Read Andrew’s blog about the visit to what he termed “Lily’s greendom”: As my time here draws to a close, my friends and I are inventing countless ways for me to stay, them to come with me, or for me to come back. The ladies in the kitchen joke that they’re coming in my suitcase and starting a restaurant in the states. (When Prabha ben found out that people in America eat cows, she backed out.) The most common idea is (in Gujarati): “Lily, you have to come back. Oh, you should come back and stay for good! Get married and come back with your husband!” I have no choice but to reply, “Ok!” An old woman up the street has offered to find me an Indian husband so that I don’t have to leave. She’s not the only one who’s offered this. If I make the excuse that my loved ones are all in America, they all get invitations to move in, too. Who’s in??
Pics at the picasa site (see post below for link)



  1. dude. firstly, GREAT posts. Secondly, you’re my biggest marketing tool! Thx for all the links to my blog =)

    I’ll be seeing you Manali-side soon fo sho.

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