Why I am in India

I am spending 10 months in India as a World Partners Fellow with the American Jewish World Service (AJWS). From Oct 27 until the end of November I will be in Ahmedabad for orientation, and then I will be volunteering at ARCH Vahini, an Indian NGO dedicated to community health and development in the rural town of Dharampur in Gujarat province. I will be there until August 2010.

www. friendsofarch.org




  1. Looks great! What’s that amazing building??

  2. Lily is the greatest jew that ever went to india.

  3. Lily eat some Barfi for me and I’ll eat some good ol’ processed American candy for you! For Halloween I am a rotating number of things, most notably a dumpster diver–i don a swimsuit and goggles and am covered in trash. Are you celebrating over there? We miss youuuuuuu. xxxxx yer cuz.

    • you are my funniest cousin. i think of you often lil lar. love you!!

  4. I double dare you to drink out of the Ganges river. Heard they burn bodies, dump bodies, poop, pee, and brush their teeth in that jont. I say bottle it up! herrrdy! i made curry drunk the other night in your honor. now the kitchen still smells like curry after 2 days! ur gonna smell like curry untill you die. herrdy!

  5. how do i change my icon?

  6. JAGDISH!! nice blog. mane bahut gametye.

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