MY PICASA PAGE is the main place where I post images.

But here are a few from before I started that:

traditional gujarati meal - in villages i eat off these plates made of leaves but its only rice and dhal usually

the henna i got on my bday from random girls in chikhlii

Mayur Bhai and the landscape from a hill outside Dharampur

mini-golf krishna


Me at an old well – so many levels and amazing carvings in the stone.

talking with some fruit/veg venders near the ashram - broken hindi and english 🙂


the beautiful fruit market


going out on 10/31. i felt like a gorgeous silk banana!


Sunita, who is fab, with food we made last weekend -so yummy!

from a week ago. i own way more fun indian clothes this week 🙂 so more pics to come.



  1. Yay, Lily! This is so wonderful to read and see! Keep posting. We miss you here–but we’ll show William your pictures so he’ll know your face when you return. (: xo, Laura

  2. One gorgeous banana! Love the blog baby. Like being with ya.

  3. Oh, Lily! I miss you, gorgeous banana!

    Come home soon.

    Love, C+R

  4. Lily, the pics are awesome and your so awesome!!! love ya miss ya and make sure to send postcards…An & i will send some back!

    • omg dude what is your address…i will send them!! (no guarantees they will actually get there…ha)

      • 8911 albert stewart ln
        silver spring, md 20910

        Friend, i read ur blog at least once a week so its nice to hear that everything is going great!!! happy belated b-day, i made sure to have drink or two or three in your honor

  5. Hey, Lily, you look great and that food! Yum. A gorgeous yellow lily, not a banana! Will you see Sari and Namas? Take care of yourself. I’ll check back again in a few days.

  6. So very proud of you!

    • thanks mike! congrats on getting tenure 🙂 kwa wewe ninafurahi pia!

  7. Wow! My dear Lily, I am so happy you are there! I miss you and hope we will reconnect soon- maybe you can come to Romania on your way back?

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